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I want a Natami so I can make an Amiga game with more than 16 colours per playfield in dual playfield mode. And use more sprites with more colours!

For some people, we are just not interested in other computers the same way we're interested in the Amiga. It has so many different ways of doing things, and they're all a little different to other systems. The Natami isn't just for running old Amiga software, but for us to make new Amiga software the traditional way without being so limited, but not without limitations. I know the Natami will be able to handle any game I want to make for it, the game of my dreams will run on it. The AGA version will look like a shoddy arcade port of the Natami original.

And I want to build an arcade cabinet with a Natami in it, since we'll be making arcade quality games for it.
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