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Originally Posted by wlcina View Post
Latest news about Natami : the interview (took this month) - look here:

First they went on about the "68070" and now they are talking about a "68050". I wish they would make up their minds.

Apparently "NatAmi may "feel" 10x faster than a graphics card Amiga."
so what they're really saying is:

"We don't know how fast it will be but we'll float some numbers that sound good to make you drool"

it might be 10 x faster it might be 1000x faster... so ?

"targets in comparison to aga being 50x faster".... 50x faster than AGA again... so what ?

To run AGA stuff faster ? err ok.....

I'm not rubbishing their efforts, I just don't understand WHY. They seem to be all smoke and mirrors - lots of talk and little to show for it. I get that the reasoning behind it is to "replace" aging hardware... so that when there are no miggies left we still get to play Lotus 2 SWOS etc.

Its all very well and good saying they want to develop the biggest baddest fastest and wallet pumpingly expensive Amiga hardware, that is compatible with "Classic" Amiga stuff. But having the hardware won't necessarily "revive" the platform... Lotus 2 will still run like Lotus 2 on the Natami, my A1200 or my PC under winuae. Or is there some big hope that a big company like Ubisoft or Rockstar Games, or hey lets get ambitious here.... Microsoft will get a hardon over "new" hardware that runs a 15 year old operating system just as well as the 15 year old hardware did, and still does and start developing for the "NatAmiga".

Its certainly not going to compete with current PCs/Macs.... and if it cant do that then what is the point ?

When it comes, if it comes, it will be like the Amiga one, Sam flex or winuae on a PC....

You paid "how much!?!?!" to buy a "NEW" system to run 15 year old software on a dead platform ?. Hell I still say that when I look at my A1200

Picking up where commodore left off ? Hmm nice sentiment but thats all it is, sentiment, anyone who beleives different is sadly delusional.

Smoke and Mirrors
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