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It's not worth it. Getting a MacMini for MorphOS IS worth it though, if someone is interested in a modern Amiga with potential, more applications, games, and runs faster than 4.1 Actually, 4.1 has nothing worth mentioning except screen dragging, but so does my A500.

The A1200 tower is going to be fun though, but you'd be best to dualboot it in 3.1 and 3.9. 120GB is a bit excessive, you'll never fill it with Amiga stuff and just mounting partitions that size will chew up your RAM. You would be better off getting a 4GB CF card and using that with an IDE-CF adapter, and keeping games and things on external CF cards to plug into the PCMCIA slot.

Before going for the Mediator and EZTower though, just try the A1200 with the accelerator and storage and see what you think. AGA is slower than a graphics card, but with a 030 you can have a pretty nice Workbench setup. You're certainly in for a huge learning experience as the way you think about computing is changed around.
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