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Hi there gordonbennett,

if you got a floppy disk with your kit it probably has the files you need on it. I didn't have a kit when I sorted out my CF drive and PCMCIA transfer card and I had to transfer files like fat95 via a serial cable (nul modem cable) as I didn't have a disk with it on (that is the hard part ie getting the initial files in place).

You need to use fat95 to read a standard windows formatted card (fat95.lha from Aminet), it is free and probably on your floppy if you got one. As you can already read the 500MB card I would say that cfd is already installed and gives your PCMCIA card the name DF0: when its inserted.

Anyways once you install fat 95 (and if you don't have cfd installed put that on as well), you should now see your windows formatted card, you will have to select SHOW ALL FILES to see the contents however plus you may have to use the CF0 icon to start things off.

The LHA files can be opened with Winrar on a PC and then transfered over to the Amiga if it makes it easier, these are what you need:-
fat95.lha (Allows you to read different file types)
cfd.lha (reads a CF card in the PCMCIA adapter)
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