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Unhappy Help Me build my amiga!

HI, EAB not sure if this is the right place to post this but...
Could some one give me a basic guide what a 1200 needs to run 4.1os im a little confussed...
also im planning on building a A1200 in to a EZ Z4 tower case, im pretty new to the whole amiga scene! im planning on buying the following and just wondering will this all work togeather??!? or is there other hardware i need to buy. im not to conserned about the budget but am trying not to go over 500 quid.
so far:
EZ Z4 tower.
Easy Compact flash kit.
Amiga 1200 (Refurbished, 120 gb hardrive, wirless 802.11b)
E-matrix 1230/40mhz accelerator.
Mediator 1200TX PCI busboard and MMCD. (possably)

if any one would like to help me out i would appreciate it very much!!
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