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Re: It's's alive, it's moving.. IT'S ALLIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!!!1

Originally posted by alkis21
YES! YES! My 8MB RAM expansion finally arrived and now my Miggy runs like the wind! And I only got it for 30EU! I know it sounds lame to you people with your 68999 A400000000000000000000 8GHZ 512MB RAM PPC Super duper turbo Amigas, but this is one of my happiest moments! No more lag! No more praying before looking at the program's system requirements! No more vanilla Amiga! No more drooling over memory hungry hard disk installers! I now have an A1200 with 10MB RAM 340MB HD!

Wooohoo... well done 8mb fast is _very_ useful in a 1200. Ahhh .. this post reminds me of the good old days when I'd get a new piece of hardware... for the amiga .. it was great fun .. right from the 1/2meg expansion for my A500 to the A4000 that I recently acquired. I still get a kick out of getting ANY amiga hardware (especially 500 h/w), and this is the reason why I'm always looking around for more amiga hardware.... just cant get enough of it, great stuff!!
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