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Question Dynamic screen splitting/joining in a game: Was it possible on Amiga? Did it exist?

Back in the days, when I played games like Chaos Engine and Alien Breed with friends, we always thought something like:

"Man, it would be great if the game would go into split screen as soon as the characters start to get away from each other. And then, when they are close again, the game would come back to a single screen mode".

I just thought about this again recently and was wondering if some Amiga games actually did this.

Was it even technically possible? Or would it have been too much of a strain on the hardware to do that and have at the same time a decent frame rate/smooth scrolling?
I can't think of any Amiga game that does that and I have not enough technical knowledge to have any idea on the possibility of the matter.

The only other games on another platform that implemented this and that I know of would be some of the Dragon Ball Z games on SNES (I think there was also one on PSX that did this? I am not much into these games so I don't know).
Check from 0:27 to see a bit about it if you don't know the games:
[ Show youtube player ]

Since those are "simple" face to face figthing games, perhaps it is "easier" to do (limited background area, no interaction other than with the other character) than in a multi-scrolling game with other sprites than the two characters such as Chaos Engine or Alien Breed?

Any explanation and/or example is welcome. Amiga examples of course, but if you have examples on other platforms, please mention then and I'll try and list them in this post.

List of Amiga games doing dynamic screen-splitting/joining:
- Gravity Power
- Dogfight (Richard Ling)

Other platform games:
- some Dragon Ball Z games (SNES)
- Toejam & Earl (Sega Megadrive)

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