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Always be careful to discharge yourself before opening a computer or Amiga as in this case (ESD precautions), in general I use an antistatic wristband that plugs into the mains socket to use the Earth connection. At a push I have also used a PC's bare metal base to discharge myself by touching it ie the PC is plugged in but the power to the plug is switched off.

A PC floppy drive is not the same as the Amiga one, you can find Amiga drives on Ebay but it is not much dearer to buy a complete 600 with games and joystick etc, I got mine for £23 plus £12 postage and the drives alone go for £14 plus postage.

It would be good if you had a friend that wanted to install a CF drive who's Amiga floppy drive worked, that way you could format and partition both his and your own card and add workbench and fat95 plus cfd to them, that way both cards would be bootable and be able to use the PCMCIA slot and have files transferred a heck of a lot quicker and even better if you did backup your working hard drive as mentioned

If you do find someone who will let you use their Amiga this way, remember to always switch it off before changing the CF cards on the IDE adapter or the card and Amiga can be damaged.

Most of the above you will probably know, but its there just in case
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