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When you get your system the way you want it, it would be a good idea to make a couple of copies of your system floppy ie Xcopy the original workbench disk a couple of times. If you download HDInst69.lha and extract the files you can then place them on one of the disks also the extracted files of fat95 and cfd wherever you can on the first or second disk. These are the tools you need to replace your hard drive with a CF card for future use and as needed they are bootable.

When you have the hard drive set up the way you want it and have sorted out the pcmcia usage, it would be a good idea to copy your hard drive contents over to a spare CF card, if for example you have 3 partitions ie Workbench, Games and Work etc you would make 3 drawers on the CF card (workbench, games and work) then copy the files from one partition over to the right drawer then the same for the other two..

Using this method you can install a CF card as your hard drive and as long as you create the same partitions (named the same but size doesn't matter with a bit of common sense), once formatted with HDInstTools (from those bootable floppies) and the fat95 and cfd have been run, you can then copy the files from the card in the pcmcia slot over to the newly created CF drive and all should work as before.

For the price of the IDE to CF adapters and CF cards on Ebay, you cannot go wrong and sooner or later mechanical problems may be the end of a hard drive so there is nothing to lose by being ready via the means above

The size of the card that you can use on the 600 depends on the ROM that is in it mine is a 37.300 version and is meant to be good for a hard drive up to 40MB, I have a 64MB CF card in it at the moment which works fine but will probably see what I can safely get away with at a later date. Have FUN
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