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Originally Posted by wlcina View Post
both commands works greatly , I found the problem I (I am LLL : Lame Lazy Looser, I used to edit startup-sequence in windows ) but now is everything ok
Yes, that will screw things up Don't worry about it, though. AOS3 comes with Ed and Emacs. Ed just plain sucks, and Emacs is hard to use. Try to get CygnusEd for the Amiga somewhere.
Originally Posted by wlcina View Post
Now I can see fullcolor icons for my games, but they are stretched (I think their height is twice than width), I will try to use another resolution, maybe it will help (i am in PAL-High Res).
Yep, they're twice as high. Use Hires interlace instead of just the standard Hires (say, 640x512) and they'll look the way they're supposed to.
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