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ClassAct is only needed for the newicons preference program. Newicons itself doesn't need it.
Originally Posted by wlcina View Post
anyone know how to install newicons other way ?

1. Unpack the the NewIcons4.6 archive.
2. Go to the libs directory in the unpacked archive. You'll see three directories here: HE, LO and ME. These stand for high end, low end and middle end, and in each is the newicon.library. Go with low end for low end Amigas, high end for high end Amigas and WinUae. Copy the library of choice to SYS:Libs/
3. Go to c in the newicons archive and copy newicons to SYS:C/
4. Add this line: Run <NIL: >NIL: c:NewIcons to SYS:S/startup-sequence (before loadwb) or SYS:S/user-startup
5. If you want a newicons prefs program, then you can use this one, which doesn't require ClassAct (or anything else): NIPrefs-GT. It uses gadtools, which is part of the OS.

This should work, and if it doesn't, it's probably because of some typo. Let me know. Also, this installs the software only, it doesn't install the icons.
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