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Originally posted by Unknown_K

What we have here is a software company trying to make hardware and slapping an AMIGA nameplate on it. What they should have done was liscence the old 1200 chipsets from whoever owns them and have a batch of chips manufactured in asia somewhere.
Actually, none of the chip-manufacturers are able to make those chips anymore. The reason is that the manufacturing-process for today's chips is different, and the manufactures have thrown out their old equipment.

Or so I've read somewhere.

Somewhat off-topic, but still relevant: Have you seen the pictures from Commodore's chip-plant (from the auction-brochedure? The URL is:*/http://.../commodore.htm

I had to use's "wayback"-service, as it appears that the original webpage has been removed.

Also, it appears that Commodore Semiconductor Group had problems with pollution...
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