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Wishful thinking?

I was thinking of the number of s/w houses/programmes that started on the Amiga, and then ended up on the PC. Companies like Newtek and the Lightwave/toaster stuff, Cinema 4D, Photogenics etc. Some of these were groundbreaking products that were overtaken by the PC versions. What we need is more of these innovative packages that work better than the stuff on PCs (and Macs of course). Do you think, for example, that Macromedia products would be different enough on the A1 to justify dumping the Wintel box? I hope we can drag some of the talent that produced quality Amiga s/w over to the A1.

Unfortunately, I don't think the A1 has the technological edge over PCs or Apple Macs. Even Apple have dropped the G3 for the iMac, and they use the same or better h/w for sound and graphics. All of which means that, on paper at least, the A1 loses out.

Fingers crossed that the (expected) speed and efficiency of OS4 can offset these differences.
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