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I've written a program that reads a clrmame dat and outputs the list of unique tittles (It's also usefull to find typing and spelling errors)

Here is an example:

Total = 5197

'Allo 'Allo! Cartoon Fun. (1993)(Alternative Software)
10 Out of 10 - Maths Number (demo) (1993)
1000 Miglia (1991)(Simulmondo)
1000cc Turbo (19xx)(-)
109 (1991)(Nordlicht PD)
1497 - Five Years After (1996)(J. Hagqvist)
17 + 4 (1990)(Media Verlag)
1869 - Erlebte Geschichte Teil I (1992)(Max Design)
1869 - History Experience Part I (1992)(Max Design)
18th Hole (1993)(S. Garside)
1942 (19xx)(Snake Software)
1943 - The Battle of Midway (1987)(GO!)
1945 Remix '97 (1997)(Pinpoint Graphics)
1990 (1990)(Neudelsoft)
1990 - Die 1993'er Edition (1993)(Neudelsoft)
1st. Division Manager (1992)(Codemasters)
20000 Leagues Under the Sea (1988)(Coktel Vision)
20000 Lieues sous les mers (1988)(Coktel Vision)
20000 Meilen unter dem Meer (1988)(Coktel Vision)
3001 - O'Connors Fight (1990)(Rainbow Arts)
3D Games (1992)(Shad-Art)
3D Pool (1989)(MicroProse)
3D World Boxing (1992)(Simulmondo)
3D World Soccer (1992)(Simulmondo)
3D World Tennis (1992)(Simulmondo)
4-Way Lynx v1.11 (1990)(Deja-Vu)
4D Sports Boxing (1991)(Mindscape)
4D Sports Driving (1990)(Mindscape)
4Get It (1992)(T.T.R. Development)
4th & Inches (1988)(Accolade)

If you want the full Amiga list I'll upload it to the zone

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