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Originally Posted by misjah View Post
Hello, I just got PCMCIA CF adapter and I could use some help here. The card is formated for linux and I need to format it for use with Amiga 600. So, how, where? I also have a hdd with WB installed so I don`t want to ruin it.
And one more thing, can I take out and install Work Bench on CF card?
Hi there,

just a little information to get you going its late and I need some sleep

Google "cfd.lha" and the answers you need will be found and the files you require are at Aminet (the links will also appear in the search) there is a lot of information in the google search and that includes links to other Amiga related sites as well as this one. The hard part is getting the files over to your Amiga, I used "Cloanto.Amiga.Explorer" which transfers files to the Amiga Ram disk via the serial port where you then save them to the hard disk.

The LHA files can be opened with Winrar on a PC and then transfered over to the Amiga if it makes it easier, these are what you need:-
fat95.lha (Allows you to read different file types)
cfd.lha (reads a CF card in the PCMCIA adapter)

A good idea is to run fat95 and then cfd on your hard drive, this will allow you to copy all your hard drive files/back up onto a spare CF card in your PCMCIA slot, the Pcmcia card is not directly bootable but there is also a Floppy disk out there that will firstly boot the amiga then run programs off the Pcmcia CF card.

You may need to format your card on a windows machine to be able to read it, you will also need to select SHOW ALL from you amiga workbench to see the contents of the card.

I hope this will point you in the right direction, all the best with your card (its easy once you done it the first time)
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