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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
And now the one million dollar question : which CPU does the CD32 use?
(in case that's too cryptic, just re-read the feature list).
No, it's not cryptic, it's quite clear you assume I don't even know what CPUs sit in all the Amiga models. Both use 68EC020. That was the reason I asked, since the A1200 was discussed above. There might be a difference in CPU MA/DMA on the CD32 that would affect CPU timings.

If one re-reads the feature list, it seems many think A1200 has cycle-exact emulation now, but it says it's approximate. Still good ofc. So. Unless the CD32 has some timing difference/DMA affecting code in / accessing chipram, it should be as accurate on the CD32, I'm not familiar with coding for it.
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