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I agree with the original poster. While I haven't played a lot of Amiga platformers, I have seen quite a bit if play throughs (thank you Cubex55). Of course, I can't comment on the controls of the tons of playthroughs I've watched, I can comment on the rest of the aspects of the games. They all seem to have this common trait; really repetitive level designs with lots of tedious exploration just for minor item/score collection. And this seems to go on for a long time. The weapons tend to be either limited or just generic looking. Matter of fact, a lot of the EU platformers are very generic looking (like Japanese rejects). Sorry if this sound harsh, but that's what it comes off as. Not *every* game, but quite a lot. I remember the hype around Shadow of the Beast and bought a copy - what a let down. Sure, the graphics were nice and the gameplay was fine - but the game itself just felt... I dunno... *hollow* or soulless. I find a lot of EU platformers are like this, not just Amiga ones. (And for the EU/UK guys, don't feel bad - we US/NA guys REALLY suck as making games back then. 90% complete trash). Earthworm Jim is probably the best EU platformer and it was great (all EU developers). Now *that's* what platformers should have been on the Amiga and such. But that's the different. Shiny was a professional company, while I imagine a lot of Amiga games were done be a few amateurs and published by larger companies. I do remember EU companies started doing games on the PC in the 486/VGA days. Uhh god, Jazz Jackrabbit was suck a tedious/boring game after the first 5 minutes. Definitely felt like a run of the mill Amiga platformer.

I didn't grow up with the Amiga, so I don't have the nostalgia like a lot of you guys have. I grew up on NES/SNES/GENESIS. Hell, even the NES had better platformers than the Amiga. I agree, if the Amiga had been popular in Japan - there would have been a flood of great ports and originals for the system. The Japanese just had the nack for it. No denying.
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