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I wish I had noticed this thread back when it was started. I think it's really silly that the Competition Pro joysticks have four buttons that do the same thing, and a switch to turn two of them off... why not make that switch change between 1- and 2-button modes? I can't believe they chose to make them this way, knowing very well that many Amiga games (and ALL Sega Master System games, which these joysticks also plug into) use 2 fire buttons. It just seems illogical to me.

So I understand how you feel, Anakirob! And I wonder, did you ever complete the project and add a second fire button and rapid fire? As far as I know, no Amiga games supported the third button/middle mouse button, but a few games support the A and Start buttons on a modified Sega MegaDrive pad, but neither of those buttons is the same as the Amiga third fire button.
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