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Extract from the mpega_libmad.readme file:

This archive contains 4 different binaries:

mpega.library.040 - 68k version, just rename it to mpega.library.
mpega.library.pup - "fat" PowerUP binary, rename it to mpega.library.
mpega.library.os4 - OS4 binary, rename it to mpega.library.
mpega.library.elf - MorphOS binary, rename it unless you dualboot on CS/BPPC!

You might notice that the following binary is no longer included
(but the sources still support it, if you manage to build it, please tell me):
mpega.library.wos - WarpOS binary, rename it to mpega.library.
..this is because I have been unable to contact the maintainer for quite a
while, and it seems that no-one else is able to produce a working binary,
accounting for the huge delay of this release, sorry... :P
(4 different people have tried, and all have failed .. StormC strikes again!)
If you are still unfortunate enough to be stuck with WarpOS, I suggest you just
use the PowerUP version with the latest ppclibemu, which should work fine.
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