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At Stansted waiting for the flight home.
MIkeyC and the ANT guys, many thanks for a great show!

Had a lot of fun at the show yesterday and then alot of beers last night!

Met some great people and got to play with OS4.1 for the first time. It was very impressive and far more responsive than I had expected.
The os4.1 Update 1 was also on display in a 99.999% state and Rigo made a good job of talking through the new features.

The Hyperion MAP was dicussed, the vibes are very positive, but its all still very hush hush...

At its peak, I counted about 50 people in the hall, with others drifting in throughout.

It was great to meet some fellow amigans!
Nicholas brought his Amiga Walker, what a weird looking beast! Sadly, it decided to stay broken for the duration

The gaming competition was good fun, even though Dan from Finland cheated me at Stunt Car Racer, by making me use the Quickshot JELLY joystick whilst he got the precision pad! :-) Yes Fitzsteve was really crap!

The after show beers and food were very welcome. Ta for that ANT!

After the Pub, Myself, Rigo, wepl, nujack, Dan and his mate carried on drinking in the Hotel Bar. It wasnt long before we decided that "Bier und Amiga Spielen" was called for. The Amiga in a suitcase got setup and the games began. The staff were a little confused as to what was going on!

One important thing to note was that wepl is crap at lotus II ;-)

I took some "wobbly" video clips. I will post them somewhere soon.

Thanks again to ANT!
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