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Akira. I agree that emulation isn't perfect. I have a 1200 that doesn't run some genuine Amiga games though, so perfection isn't possible. Look around you and see what software sells to the home markets. Do you see Spectrum games, MSX games, Atari 8 bit gamees for sale in the local comuter store? We often bought those early 80s and 90s games because they were ADVANCED in their day. If games like Quake 3, UT, C&C clones etc etc etc were crap... nobody would buy them. People do not produce games for old, outdated hardware, no matter what you and I would wish. What would be the point? Your retro scene is tiny compared to the installed user base that exists for PCs and Apples. Like it or not, that is the way it is. The Amiga didn't start out being recognised for it's superb OS, it was noted for it's graphics, sound and associated games capabilities. A moniker that it was suck with for too long maybe, but nobody walked in to the shop and said "nice OS" they said "wow... look at that game!" or some such.


"I can't stand sanctimonious, smarmy, weak little nit pickers, kid. "

I'm not a kid, I'm a reasonably well educated adult and I'm a firm believer that if you want to communicate, you should do it properly. Just because you aren't able or can't be bothered to, doesn't make it right. I hope your business sense is better than your grammar. And what makes you think I am weak my friend? In what sense would that be?

If you're not sure of the difference between "bad" and "wrong" go and find a dictionary.

At this time, you can't buy an Amiga One, with an Amiga OS, and apps to run on it. They do need to make people aware of the forthcoming computer via the computing press, but until they have something more substantial, it would be wasted money at this time. If the product can't be bought for another 6 months, people will have given up or forgotten. For a student of business, I find your lack of insight quite amusing.

I would like the A1 to succeed. I really hope that like it forbearer, it can be revolutionary and not just an evolutionary step. I doubt it because it's based on mediocre technology that is easily outpaced by Apples and PCs, it doesn't have the marketing power of Microsoft, and the market is already saturated. The BeBox, Next machines and others failed too, and they had advantages in terms of both H/W and O/S.

Give it a rest and talk about something more important than yesteryears memories!
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