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Originally Posted by dstrang View Post
Thanks for the reply. Its good to know it should work. Might you be willing to share your method of transferring your files to Windows and WinUAE.
Network thru FTP (server running on PC side). But since you don't have a network card on your miggy, it's not available to you.

I then copy these files onto a Jaz drive which I can later mount on the PC and hopefully copy to WinUAE.
this will work, however, you need to format the zip disk under windows with FAT16. Then you need to have FAT support on your miggy. Check aminet for fat95. A full version of Crossdos also will work. play with this file till you get it working.

Like I posted, I have a tarball for each A3000 HD partition. I probably need to redo them as the path includes the drive name/assignment ( sys:, work:, etc). I need to recreate the tarball inside each partition and specifically exclude the tar file that gets created.
I really didn't understand what you're trying to do here. having drive assignments won't create much problem, you can have exact same volumes under winuae. Or are you trying to join everything in a single partition ?

I should have the Kickstart floppies that came with OS 3.1, but I can also do the transprom route (where can I find this?) Maybe a newer version of lharc for OS 3.1 might be better.
OS 3.1 came with kickstart floppies ? Does your A3000 load kickstart from a file ?

you may have some problems there. Check Aminet for grabkick. Winuae may not like your A3000 roms though. Last time I tried, I had some problems. Using 3.1 A500 rom images won't create much problems if you can find them. (Emulate an ECS system with 68030.)
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