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Now that I have calmed down, let me tell you the full story. I'm a man who doesn't like changes; I still haven't gotten my University diploma although it's been years since I entered the school, I've had the same girlfriend for 6.5 years and I stuck to my Amiga for ages before I was forced to get a PC in 1997 cause I needed to work on Access. I always wanted to upgrade my Amiga but I thought the only way to do it was by buying a new processor which was too expensive for me. I recently found out I could purchase a cheap card with some RAM on it, so next time I spotted one at an auctions site I grabbed it!
So I went to my place with the package in my trembling hands.. Although I'm an electrical engineer, I'm mostly a software guy and I'm terrible with a screwdriver. I soon realized that I wouldn't be able to plug the card just by opening the little trap door underneath, there was not enough room for the job. So I unscrewed my Amiga for the first time since 1993 (you can imagine the dust!). I plugged the RAM, screwed, and switched my Amiga on. Ran Sysinfo, it was there! Everything was faster! Great.. now let's restart. Restart? It wouldn't restart! What was wrong with my keyboard? I opened the Amiga again and I noticed the ribbon was detouched. I attached it again and everything was fine.
Just one tiny issue, the trap door won't close anymore. Is that a problem?
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