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After you have completed your softmod (using the Krayzie Softmod installer) you'll have UnleashX as your dashboard. (the dashboard is the program which automatically loads on boot up.)

The first thing you need to do after any softmod is to FTP in and transfer the backup files to your PC so that if the hard drive ever dies or you accidentally screw it up you can make a new one using a PC and XBOXHDM

FTP in (username/password = xbox, IP is in the corner of the UnleashX window) and transfer the entire directory E:/backups to your PC.

Then you probably want to FTP over the latest known good copy of XBMC. I usually keep mine in the default E:/APPS/XBMC location. After installation it is prudent to launch XBMC from UnleashX to make sure it is installed and working before making it your dashboard.

Now this is all done you can make XBMC your Dashboard. The files which are loaded as the dashboard are always (on a NDure softmod) in E:/Dashboard if you look in there you'll see default.xbe and some config files... this is UnleashX (or perhaps EvolutionX depending on what you chose when you softmodded). If you want your old dashboard to be available as a program XBMC can launch later on it is best to COPY these files to somewhere like E:/Apps/UnleashX

If you get the T3CH ( build included is a sub directory called _tools inside here you'll see two files


You need to rename these files to default.xbe and default.cfg

Quickly edit default.cfg which is a txt file and make sure the path inside points to where you've installed XBMC (i.e. E:/Apps/XBMC)

Now you can transfer these files to E:/Dashboard (perhaps copying your old Dashboard first).

Now comes the shit or bust moment. Rebooting. Time to double check everything.

Is XBMC working? - Check
E:/Apps/XBMC/default.xbe ? - Check
E:/Dashboard/default.xbe ? - Check
E:/Dashboard/default.cfg ? - Check

Press that button. Power back on and you should see the XBMC logo and voila!

Then comes installing the "Must have" XBMC plugins. If you live in the UK then iPlayer v2 is fantastic.

Be aware that the very latest versions of XBMC often have bugs in them and they tend to be slightly slower as they are more and more targeted towards higher power HTPC's and not XBOX. But damn does the new Confluence skin look good!

After you have made XBMC your dashboard you cannot use the XBMC FTP server to update XBMC. You must either use an installer script from within XBMC which will download and install the latest version for you OR (and this is what I do) you must launch a program with an FTP server in (i.e. UnleashX) from XBMC and THEN ftp across a new version. Also from past experience it is better not to directly overwrite XBMC... upload to a new directory (i.e. E:/APPS/XBMC2) and then rename each before rebooting. Keeps your system in a viable state for longer should anything go wrong.

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