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Hehe, yep it's great when you add some fast ram and double the speed of an A1200.

The HardDrive will be next (I used to have a 340MB HD), then you'll end up with an A1200 1.2Gig 10MB RAM set-up like me. It's perfect for WHDload games.

Don't be jealous about other faster Amiga set-ups. An 020 10MB A1200 will play every game perfectly apart from the latest 3D efforts and demos. I really have no wish to expand my A1200 further - it works like a charm!

Now you've got some extra RAM, why not put it to good use and download and install my Classic WB FULL. I guarantee you'll be impressed with the results and performance. It makes use of the fast ram but leaves all your chipram intact!

The reason I advertise this WB is due to my ongoing quest to dominate the Amiga OS market Bill Gates style. Only thing missing is loads of spy-ware and bloat-ware and I've dared to add stability!

Grab it from the EAB download page linked in the zone. It is however in english, don't know if this is a problem?
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