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Originally Posted by plankton View Post
What is your hardware?
Windows Vista 64bit
Intel Core2 Duo CPU T6500, 2.10 Ghz
4Gb of RAM
I don't know the specs for my graphics card. It's built in to my laptop, which is fairly new, so I assume it shouldn't be an issue.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Have you scanned your kickstarts in WinUAE? Go to the path panel and click on 'Rescan ROMs'. See if at least A500, A600 and A1200 are reported as available. Can you name one or two games you try to start via Gamebase?
Hm. It detects "A500 Boot ROM 1.3", but nothing else.

I've tried to start "Emerald Mine" and "Live and Let Die."

Originally Posted by Jonathan Drain View Post
I've written a guide, How do I configure WinUAE? Let me know if it's helpful.
That does look helpful. I'll give it a shot a little bit later when I've got some more free time.
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