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The one and only, GameBase Amiga.
Nice! But this has led me to a new problem. I've got the frontend fully installed, but whenever I try to play a game on there, WinUAE brings up the white "Workbench 1.3" screen...and just sits there. No sign of loading a game at all.

Either my system is exceedingly slow, or I'm forgetting something. This little snippet was at the bottom of the post-install walkthrough...could this be the cause?

"Only supported games and kickstarts will be recognised and these must have certain names and must be in certain locations. To do this ClrMamePro and RomCenter dats will be supplied with instructions on how to use them. These dats can be downloaded from"

Apparently that site has had a meltdown recently, and I couldn't find the indicated files there.

One way or another, I will get back to playing Amiga games again...even if it takes till next year to get the bloody emulator working.
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