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Want to clone A3000 to Win UAE

I have my old Amiga 3000 with four partitions, running OS 3.1. I tarred up the contents of each partition and moved the tarball to my PC where i hope to run WinUAE with my A3000 files. I have KickStart disks in a folder and I hope to be able to extract the KS rom from the A3000 (where do I find the tool?)

Is it realistic to expect to get a WinUAE environment identical to myA3000 environment given I have the tarballs?

Also, I used to do some programming using PLPLOT, Requester, and some other libraries. These libraries are in the tarballs. Will I be able to use these libraries under WinUAE? These are probably in some Amiga/MC68000 COFF format.

Sure would be nice to clone my A3000 to WinUAE. Is this possible?

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