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What config issues are you having? There are tutorials, such as at - It's outdated in that it refers to winUAE's old GUI, but it's enough to get you off and running.

Or I can upload my configs to the zone if you like. You'd need to change the roms paths in 'em, but then you'd be good to go.
Just figuring out what specs to use, while keeping the game speed and graphics/sounds as high-quality as possible. I have no idea what 80% of the sliders and buttons do, only that my emulation seems to be slower than it should be and the sound isn't coming in very well either.

Rather than mess with the controls haphazardly, I'd like to use some preset settings (or have someone more knowledgeable than I show me what to do).

The link you posted looks useful though. I'll try the suggestions there, and hopefully get everything working properly. Thanks!
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