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Why not use PureBasic from this site; as a addon/contribution in BoingBag 3.

Some tech. from the AmigaOS version;

Technical Features

- 68000 and 68020+ support (PowerPC currently in standby)
- Built-in arrays, dynamic linked lists, pointers and variable definitions
- Supported types: Byte (8 bits); Word (16 bits); Long (32 bits), as well as user defined types (structures)
- Built-in string types with many dedicated functions
- Constants, binary, decimal and hexadecimal numbers supported
- Very good expression reducer (constants and explicit numbers grouped together)
- Standard arithmetic support in respect of sign priority and parenthesis +, -, /, *, and, or, lsl, asl, lsr, asr
- Compiles 30,000 lines/min using a 68030/50
- Procedure support for structured programming with local and global variables
- All Standard BASIC keywords: If-Else-EndIf, Repeat-Until, For-Next, etc
- External libraries supported; easily manipulate objects like: IFF pictures, sounds, windows, gadgets, etc
- Inline ASM
- Pre-compiled structure and constant files for extra fast compilation
- Integrated debugger to halt program execution and trace bugs easily
- Dedicated editor
- Configurable CLI compiler
- System friendly, easy to install and fun to use


- AmigaOS V3.0+
- No other special needs
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