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Looking for Rollerblading game name

I'm looking for 2 non amiga games that I used to see a lot on a gaming show like Gamesmaster which I always liked the look of.

Both must of been around the Snes age but not sure what console or if they were arcade games.

1: Rollarblading where you raced up screen. I think it was always a 2player challenge on the show or it could of just been a singple played timed screen. There were cars which you could grab hold of and I think letting go gave you a speed boost if you did it right. Reminds me of the car holding in jet set radio. Can't remember clear if it was 2d or 3d I would go more with 2d though.

2: A fighter with giant monsters. I remember a level with a lot of buildings and some water at the bottom. Buildings had power ups in them. You could move up and down the screen and right and left as much as the level allowed, kinda like a section of a beat m up game like streets of rage. I'm pretty sure your characters looked 2d, buildings not to sure maybe appeared at an angle.

I think I found the 2nd one and its one of the King of the monsters game.


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