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If anybody decides things like that, it's the owner of the trademark.
Sure and we are the people who can decide whether or not to agree with them. You do, I don't. They would as well have decided to make an x86 machine and called it an amiga for they had the right but as we both know amithlon is not half amiga, I say A1 is not either. You don't have to agree, we should agree on we disagree
Well, apart from you there were two members actually stating that
We can always make a poll.
Sure, that's why we visit this board. But once again: The AmigaOne is no retro-computer.
I never wanted amiga to be a retro computer at the first place but now I see it from a different point. amiga is alive because there are people still remember it with good memories yet 286 PCs are just dead. Will A1 be a retrocomputer in 10 years or will it just be dead as well?
Do you honestly think this is a viable business model? Would you buy such a card, at that price?
I say would not be surprised when someone else offers this kind of solution and succeeds
I'm not sure if Burseg ever spent money on new hardware/software directly bought at an Amiga supplier (that's not meant as an offense, Burseg!). I somewhat doubt that he'd suddenly rush for an $700 custom chip compatible A1 motherboard if a $40 A1200 provides the same functionality in the area that is important to him
I'm living in Turkey there have been no new amiga hardware dealers for years and there have never been software dealers, this is the piracy heaven 700$ is an estimated value but let's accept it this way. I don't plan to get a machine that I don't like even if it's free and as I previously stated many times even though eyetech is not financially able, I don't believe in their will to meet my needs so that's reason enough not to be positive towards the A1 project. This feature would make me believe the A1 machine is mature enough to be taken seriously. I don't pay 700 just to a feature but to a machine that I believe in it's quality.

I think I have already made all my points this discussion doesn't seem to be constructive for a while :/
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