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Originally posted by Shatterhand
Ascii is planning to release a new computer in near future [...] and they are yet to decide if the name MSX will be on it or not
This is GREAT. At least they consider not naming it MSX after all. I think the A1 shouldn't have been named AmigaOne. Why not call it something else? like "BollocksThirteen" but add a "POWERED BY AMIGAOS" thing on it, or "AmigaOS INSIDE". That would have been much smart and would have saved me a lot of moaning and ranting
I would REALLY like to see a way of make old software in work A1, but I probably won't buy an A1 soon, so maybe I am not the right person to ask. Anyway, you can count me on the demand too
I suppose the A1 will get a port of UAE, so it'll run old software through it.
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