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Well, I am into the MSX scene even more than into the Amiga scene, and I can validate what Akira said.
People are only interested in Ciel3++ because it has backwards compatibility. Ascii is planning to release a new computer in near future (They are claiming to be the new jap computer to take the world.. ), and they are yet to decide if the name MSX will be on it or not. But from what people saw of the projects, backwards compatibiltiy with MSX is something they don't seem to be interested in doing. What machine you think MSX users are more interested, the Ciel3++ or this new Ascii machine ?

I would REALLY like to see a way of make old software in work A1, but I probably won't buy an A1 soon, so maybe I am not the right person to ask. Anyway, you can count me on the demand too

I don't have much to add at all, Akira said pretty much what I think about this in his last post
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