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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
Oh, come on. I get worked up easily about things that seem very obvious to me; you don't have to get all Freudian like that.

Incidentally, what would I possibly be "over-compensating" for? Or what would I have "insecurity" about? And, of all of the outlets for such nonexistent things, why a thread about video games on a forum about a 25-year-old computer? Don't spout meaningless psychobabble without having an actual reason for it.
I think the point is you are taking your opinion as an absolute truth. what "seems obvious to you" clearly is not worth getting "worked up about", because it is subjective opinion. (and you can argue that until you are blue in the face if you like, claiming to have a "better" opinion due to numbers of games played, forums visited etc etc, but it's still a fact)

However, your opinion is not gospel, and it can seem like you are trying to grind other people into the ground with it, which obviously certain people are not going to take to too kindly.

recall your own response to something similar on LemonAmiga;

Originally Posted by HoraceAndTheSpider
I'm not looking to say Dan that all of your criticism is unjust, but I do feel you've gone a bit OTT with some aspects.
Originally Posted by Dan Locke
Perhaps. I tend to do that.
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