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Originally posted by Frederic
The importance of backwards compatability. To Amigans, which is the vast majority of the AmigaOne's target consumer base, this is a crucial point. Yet Amiga (st)Inc. does not see this.
I think I start to see, from what Korodny and this other person who signed in just to discuss this (:P) say, that the Amigan "race" has been split in two, just like the hardware: Classic Amigan and NÜ-Amigan, to put but two names on them.
We are Classic Amigans. Ok, at least me and I suppose Burseg too. The Amiga, to us, is much more than the OS and a phillosophy of how computing things should work, it's also the way the hardware was constructed and the philosophy behind it, and the fact that a Classic Amiga today can be used like any other machine, if you want to. Sometime, like in my case, its place is not to be replaced by any other system. The classic Amigan thinks the way of the C64, MSX, Spectrum or ST user. These people embrace the idea of new hardware to be created around their fave machines, but want, and need, full (or pretty damn good) backwards compatibility.

Then we have the NÜ-Amigan, who, I don't know why, I think because of paying too much attention on the PC scene, wants a machine that does what a PC does, but running AmigaOS. At least this is how I see it from the words of the PhD in grammar and spelling . To this user, it doesn't matter if the Amiga suddenly is NOTHING BUT A MONIKER slapped into a generic PPC motherboard that runs a true Amiga OS. Seems like, by Amiga Inc.'s calculations, NÜ-Amigans outnumber Classic Amigans, otherwise, this move is rather stupid. I wold REALLY like to conduct a poll about this subject. Not on the EAB, because I suppose Classic amigans outnumber the NÜ ones here. Perhaps in the AFB group?.

Originally posted by Korodny
You, Akira, by all means, you don't need an AmigaOne (even if it had custom chip compatability) - but you're the only one that seemed to be really interested to buy one.

Until now, I don't see how Eyetech/Amiga Inc. looses much of a userbase due to their inability to provide custom chip compatability.
I begin to see it now, if what I say above is correct, that the vast majority of Amiga users do not care for backwards compatibility. However don't be so sure about my needs of an A1 with custom chipset,. I bet my arse that if such a thing would have been released, I would have bought it.

Sucks to hear about Amithlon, I was expecting to run OS4 with that.
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