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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
So, while Prince of Persia is a platformer, Flashback isn't? Despite the fact that they're almost exactly the same game, but with a gun instead of a sword in the latter? What am I missing here?
Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
I'm not saying that at all. What I am saying is that "platformer" is an incredibly broad category, covering everything from Pitfall to LittleBigPlanet. Saying that a game isn't a platformer because it includes item-based puzzles doesn't make sense at all.
That is the part I was referring to. Of course 'platformer' is a wide category, but (at least for me) Prince of Persia and Flashback are quite different. That Flashback copies the jump mechanism from Prince of Persia, doesn't make it almost the same game.

Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
That was completely incomprehensible. If a genre is based on its movement setup, then games that are based on that setup will be within it. Same thing with horizontal shoot-em-ups and Breakout clones (for lack of a better term) - Enforcer's powerup scheme doesn't make it a clone of Turrican any more than Act Out's orientation makes it a clone of Enforcer. The former is a shoot-em-up, the latter is a Breakout clone, both have their own genres.
Nope, I was just trying to follow your logic here.
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