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I think you might be better off having this argument with yourself

Games fall into this broad category yes but while clearly we understand this, it's not something everyone refers to.Of course every major database is going to use this system as it would hardly be very proffesional otherwise

The term platformer can and will be of course used for even earlier games but i wont be using it on the basis that i don't care to - i suppose if i wanted to be technically correct i might do

I don't class less standard jumping games as a platformers because i myself only bother with the reference when refering to the game's the original term was coined for

If someone was to put words in my mouth then i might declare that only games like Manic Miner are in fact defined as platformers but i'm not saying that here

I personally like to refer to platformers as the ones that started with Manic Miner types and carried over to the many more on console etc.I don't tend to refer to other platformer types of games that feature the jumping aspect, as platformers, even though they fall into that broad category - lol obviously

So yes all these games that feature the theme of jumping in an enviroment can and should be labelled in the broader sense a platformer if you're to be technical about it, but people have their own label and it's these people tend to use more

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