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This discussion is getting somewhat pointless, IMHO. It basically comes down to one question: Do you like the A1 concept or not? If you don't, I'm wondering what you're complaining about? Have fun with your classic Amiga or your emulator, and don't waste your time thinking about the A1


lots of "amigans" don't give a fuck
I'm not sure if Burseg ever spent money on new hardware/software directly bought at an Amiga supplier (that's not meant as an offense, Burseg!). I somewhat doubt that he'd suddenly rush for an $700 custom chip compatible A1 motherboard if a $40 A1200 provides the same functionality in the area that is important to him.

Fred seems to be the usual doom monger around here (is there a secret rule that every Amiga forum has to have at least one? One could really think so). Unknown_k is trolling. I wouldn't count on selling products to these guys.

You, Akira, by all means, you don't need an AmigaOne (even if it had custom chip compatability) - but you're the only one that seemed to be really interested to buy one.

Until now, I don't see how Eyetech/Amiga Inc. looses much of a userbase due to their inability to provide custom chip compatability.

Will Amithlon 2 support PPC and run OS4? I'm interested in these new multimedia apps you keep on talking about, Korodny.
No. Amithlon2 is just a slightly improved rerelease of Amithlon because distribution of Amithlon was effectively stopped by Amiga Inc: H&P (the Amithlon publisher) refused to pay the required licensing fees to Amiga Inc. but were selling the product anyway.

PPC emulation for x86 CPUs won't happen that soon (it's quite tricky, especially because the PPC has a lot more registers). It would be illegal if Amiga Inc. wouldn't grant a license - and I doubt that they'll do that. These problems are also responsible for the fact that there's no PPC-Mac emulator for x86 yet.
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