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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
That still doesn't explain how Flashback isn't a platformer. If I make a game that's an exact copy of Wipeout, but replace the weapon pads on the track with a garage screen before the race, is it no longer a racing game? I've certainly shifted the emphasis from the immediate to the tactical.
I really wonder if you actually played Flashback. Nevermind then.

Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
Mainly because in the first game you often end up stuck on the scenery, get struck by random lightning, run out of Gyroscopes, explore a promising tunnel to find that it ends half a screen from the entrance, or lose track of where you are from the repeating areas. The second game fixes all of that, while adding cooler weapons, better bosses, and shoot-em-up stages, all rendered in far superior graphic quality. And the music is awesome.
Makes a 75 to 95 percent change for me. Turrican 1 is far from being garbage. Oh and I never got stuck on the scenery in Turrican 1. Guess I'm just lucky then.
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