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This is all a bit heated and not needed about a subject that isn't all that important

For me it's Amiga every time but i tend to favour platformers and shooters on console if indeed i play them at all - some lovely example of the genre on Amiga mind even if they don't excell - most console games didn't manage to either but there was generally a stronger selection i always found

You couldn't hope to play some of the very best games Amiga had on a console so it works both ways though certainly console catered better for this type of game i believe

I do agree that Amiga never really had a strong a collection of truly sensational platformers regardless if you have a fave or not - Ruff n Tumble is my current fave on Amiga and i love it - but they were perfectly enjoyable enough

This is an Amiga board and it's fair to say people wont like some of it's well remembered games being called trash - even if they didn't entirely measure up to the best example in the genre

In the past iv'e been guilty on this board of voicing negatively about this subject for it is what i also consider accurate for the most, but as this is an Amiga board, i doubt people appreciate sometimes how this opinion comes accross.Looking at these types of games does at least show them to at the very least fun in most cases and somtimes exceptionally polished like we have in Flashback Lionheart

Amiga didn't have the support though of some of the really important companies like Capcom and Konami for example and really it was only these devs that really did the great stuff on console.Stuff from lesser devs was usually not all that much better than the mediocre stuff Amiga had as well.Of course Rare and Nintendo were never going to come knocking on Amiga's door either

There was potential to compete but it was not to be

Mr Nutz i must say however i absolutely hated on Snes and Megadrive
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