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Had prepared a very long reply, came back to the board to post it and just saw that Ian already said most
of what I intended to say. So I'll concentrate on the "is an Amiga on a PCI card a viable option?" stuff..

Living in the past is not an option but I say there doesn't seem to be a link with the past and future. Why is this new machine, an amiga? OS is important yes but the old amigas also have the os and more.
Sorry, but your only valid argument is demand. You're not in the position (don't get me wrong, neither am I) to declare that the Amiga is dead, or to decide that hardware X is an Amiga while hardware Y isn't. If anybody decides things like that, it's the owner of the trademark.

You can of course say: "In my eyes the Amiga's dead" or (like Akira does): "to me it's not an Amiga, if it doesn't run Turrican". But that is not of interest to a commercial company that wants to make profit. Such a company only gets interested if a lot of people share your point of view - because in this case there's a demand

Imagine you're a hardware developer. There's some unknown demand for Amiga custom chip compatability. Several solutions are available already and meet that demand:

1. Classic hardware: Available in masses and pretty cheap. $20 for an A500, $40-$50 for an A1200
2. (Win)UAE: A software only solution, which may have some problems (you're the UAE guys, tell me!) but it comes for free

That's the competition you're going to face. Your own solution will cost at least 300 US$ *without* a processor (try to locate some 68k chips in low quantities, you'll be shocked), it will still require a second monitor (i.e. half of the advantage compared to standalone classic hardware is already lost).

Do you honestly think this is a viable business model? Would you buy such a card, at that price?

I'm just trying to be sure of eyetech's attitude. I hope they are just "incapable" as you say, but I despise this kind ofmarketing tricks
That's not a marketing trick, I'm not working at Eyetech's PR departement. Eyetech don't have engineers at all. They're contracting out neccessary jobs (and they're usually quite good at doing that).

In this discussion, many of this board's members explicitly said they are interested in compatibility.
Well, apart from you there were two members actually stating that.

Actually we are all retrocomputing people.
Sure, that's why we visit this board. But once again: The AmigaOne is no retro-computer.

I hate posting long messages that look like important and aggressive stuff
Oh, that's fine with me. I guess my postings look somewhat arrogant and/or aggressive too sometimes
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