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I think the media generally considered that Amiga platformers didn't hold up that well and not just console owners - i often found myself playing plaftormers on console over Amiga and my machine of choice was always the Amiga.I still enjoyed very much some platformers on Amiga but apart from their always gorgeous atmosphere, they were behind
the best of what consoles had - even though not on console platformers were amazing either

The argument used often is that if you look at what Amiga platformers did, then they were just as good.But really to me that's not a winning argument

You look at what most Amiga platformers do and on the face of it they're fine and don't do too much in the way of offending - they do after all seem to offer exactly what you also see on console.The trouble is you could apply that argument to both the best and worst versions of anything as well and not have a winner, even though there clearly would be one

Given a choice - and by this i mean put platformers from all machines in front of anyone that would have yet to play any of them, and i think most would choose Snes or Megadrive games first.I think this would hold up better an argument that platform games were considered more fun i guess on console

For some an Amiga was all they had maybe during this time and i think that helps shape opinion more here where this subject is concerned

Doesn't stop me loving the Amiga for what it really does excell at though
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