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Now as for Akira's comments: Akira makes superb points, as well as Burseg, in re: The importance of backwards compatability. To Amigans, which is the vast majority of the AmigaOne's target consumer base, this is a crucial point. Yet Amiga (st)Inc. does not see this. This is marketing? To first promise and now betray such a thing? I guess its technical PCI bridge issues and such. And these things happen in development of such things, mais oui.
But as Un_known might say, these guys have the marketing brilliance of a dead handball. Perfect illustration of my point. They NEED to find a way to address this issue or they lose a massive chunk of their potential consumer base. Akira and Burseg, two prime examples of the people Amiga (st)Inc. need to survive, just signed off. Bad move, Amiga, baaaaad move.
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