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Ians the grammerian/ philologist. Yay.
IanS. Don't go around low blowing trying to correct my grammer.
I can't stand sanctimonious, smarmy, weak little nit pickers, kid.
You've offered NO rebuttal to my basic premise. "Bad" marketing. "Wrong" marketing. What the hell is the difference in this case? Same result. Their whole operation seems a farce, Any business minded person like myself sees this. You see a shop open up in a manner very shoddily, managed in such a way as to embarrass you. and in a place that it is not suited for, and you know it'll flop. Straight crud commin' outta the jernt I say.
Now my hope is that if indeed the whole operation goes under, that the beloved and long awaited OS 4 go open source ala Linux. Then Amigans everywhere can have their fave OS free and many others not familiar with it can see its brilliance as well. As for the hardware? I don't even know if it's necessary. But alas it's just pipe dreaming on my part. I feel bad that the brilliance of Amiga, its legacy and its fans for it to be held hostage almost, in such a way. I sincerely hope OS 4 makes it out, damn the hardware.

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