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Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
I've played loads of them. You're right - it isn't very non-linear as there's still a set beginning and a set end. But it's a far cry from "'left-to-right' Mario style".
Hmm, not really. Mario also has secrets and you can take (slightly) different routes through the level. It was more the fact that most console platformers play very much alike (which isn't that bad), but in my opinion it makes them mediocre.

Originally Posted by Dan Locke View Post
Quality has nothing to do with structure. I think that Zool 2 is mediocre and it's loaded with secret areas and goodies to collect - which is the structure of most 16-bit console platformers. Even Awesome Possum, one of the worst games ever, had that structure.
Thought that was an argument for console platformers. I agree that a good platformer isn't about the structure, graphics or sound. I have a weak spot for (mild) innovation and I find that on every console/computer, but really not very often.
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