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The Dreamcast GFX chip can not be used much for the emulation, the CPU is the only chip that can decode the copper/blitter/... instructions. You can't even use polys for the sprites or the copper effects will be wrong (I think, I am not an expert).
Still a fast enough Amiga or SNES emulator should be possible, something like Fellow or ZSNES. But who will code for the Dreamcast in assembler? Not many people have dev boxes and Dreamcast Emus are not yet good enough to be used for development. So there are of course only ports of easily portable (but therefore not really fast) emus.
Bleemcast proves what is possible (allthough here the 3D chip is of much more use and a DynaRec can boost the performance).
XBox has a 700MHz P3 with half the cache. Fast enough for most of todays emus. I guess Gamecubes 485MHz G3 would be even better for emus (many more registers), but most people are short of Mini DVD burners. The console CPUs are not that slow anymore. And also Dreamcast seems to have a very powerfull FPU...but that again won't help you with an Amiga500 or SNES emulator.
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