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Shadow of the Beast II isn't a very good game on the Amiga either, so that doesn't prove anything. But I'm sure Superfrog would do quite well. Chuck Rock II is colorful, has great gameplay, level-design and is equally as linear as many console games. Music is also wonderfull. Flashback isn't really a platformer. Prince of Persia is excellent for its platforming and puzzles. Donkey Kong Country is seriously an extremely linear tech-demo, but because of it's groundbreaking graphics it's considered a better game than it deserves. Super Metroid I haven't tried, but I've played some of Super Castlevania. Good game, but still not really any better than the best the Amiga has.

The issue here, I think, is that a lot of the platformers you're talking about (give or take a couple) are based on a japanese platforming style. A lot of their games incorporated typical RPG elements, which isn't too strange considering how big rpgs were in Japan at the time. What I see is a clear difference between western style platformers and japanese style platformers. I grew up with both, and I really didn't envy the consoles at all back then. I found Sonic quite interesting, but not much else.

The thing is, all consoles have bad examples of platformers. Comparing the worst platformers on the Amiga to the best on the SNES is unfair, and vice versa of course. The number of great games on the Amiga might be smaller, but the way people are talking about it, it's like the Amiga is a crappy machine for platformers. The console fanboyism seems to have grown to great heights the last decade, and suddenly decided the Amiga was a crappy system. The snobbery is all over the place now. I just find that disgustingly juvenile and quite frankly ignorant. I keep reading how Superfrog is supposedly a bad platformer, but I've never seen anyone actually explain why. The first forest world isn't so good, but once you get inside and there is more emphasis on the level-design than just a big world with coins spread around, it's actually fantastic. If you hate on Superfrog, you better have played past the forest world, 'cause it's when you get to the castle it starts to shine.

Here are a few platformers that I think are close to or as good as those you mentioned:

Chuck Rock II
Arabian Nights
Magic Pockets
Yo! Joe!
The First Samurai
Turrican 1,2,3
Soccer Kid
James Pond 2,3
Jim Power
The Lost Vikings
Nicky Boom 1,2
Parasol Stars
Prince of Persia
The Viking Child
Venus the Flytrap
Switchblade 1,2


Sure, it's a matter of taste. But there's no factual reasons why these games are any worse than the console games. They're just different. What is universally acclaimed isn't always the best.

What I do envy the console gamers though, are the side scrolling beat'em ups. THAT was a genre badly represented on the Amiga. SEGA had the great Streets of Rage series, and Nintendo and SEGA had the best ports of arcade games like Final Fight and Golden Axe (the Amiga version was good, but we only got the first one). VS fighters were just as badly represented, with Mortal Kombat being the best arcade ports, and Shadow Fighter and Fightin' Spirit the best Amiga-only games - both of which were no match for the Street Fighter ports on the SNES.

So, some genres are better, some are worse and some are rather equal. I'd say platformers are rather equal, if you're not fanatically into Mario or Sonic.
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