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Come on guys... the A1 is a new machine, with new H/W and OS and because it's called an "Amiga" we shouldn't get hung up on running old versions of Turrican, DPaint and Wordworth.
Please go to the MSX fans, and ask them if they would buy the new CIEL 3++ computer if it couldn't run their 13 years old copy of Nemesis 2. Go to the Spectrum fanbase and ask them if they would buy that superduper Spectrum clone that has HD and all, if it wouldn't run Atic Atac. You could also try and ask ST users if they would consider buying that german souped up ST clone if they can't run CuBase on it! you can also go to the CommodoreOne discussion group and ask them if they would even consider buying the C=1 if it would not be compatible with old C64 software AND hardware. In my point of view, the name "Amiga" means lots of things. Ok, this is new hardware and all, but they are throwing everything out of the window, and the saddest part is: lots of "amigans" don't give a fuck. But as I said, the A1 is not a product for me. I'll stick with my Classic (REAL) Amiga, souping it up a bit more if possible (I'd like an 060). Whenever I earn enough to move over the PC, I'll get into the Mac. Unless you assure me Macromedia will produce their apps for this machine (yeah right ), in which case I can work with the A1 and i'll be much more than happy to switch to an A1 instead of a Mac.
This is what most serious Amiga users have wanted. Copious amounts of horsepower with good games and apps, in just the same way that the original Amigas had in their heyday.
Compromising most of what Amiga means? This is what Amigans wanted all the time? I think I kind of agree. From many years on, there's been a tendence to try and make the Amiga look like PCs and do what PCs do. I think the PCs are an awful role model to follow. I always despised all those PC-like apps, like Start menu bars and startup screen programs (oh please, NO!)

I actually thought Amigans wanted to stick to an alternative from the PC world. If what you want is only that, lots of horsepower plus good apps (sorry but I dont see any PC games like Quake to be any good), you might as well buy a PC. It fits your description! Nowhere you mention that you would like to do that under a decent OS like AmigaOS.
I also have Amiga Forever running nicely on my P3 500, and it actually feels better than the real thing as I can run it at ultra high res with no flicker on a 17" monitor, 256Mb ram and 40+ Gb of HD!!!!
Nothing beats the Real ThingĀ©. And your lameulation pack RUNS OLD STUFF too, don't you apreciate that? You should consider getting a scandoubler/flickefixer for your Amiga, if that concerns you a lot. And you can install a 40GB HD, and at least 128 of RAM (dunno about 256) on an Amiga too.
Apple didn't make everything backwardly compatible in hardware when moving to power PC... they used emulation. People bought native PPC apps that blew the socks off anything they'd had before. Do Ford make their cars backwardly compatible with a Model T?
Sorry but you are comparing a complex beast like an Amiga with a piss simple machine like a Macintosh 68k. 68k macs have NO EXTRA CUSTOM CHIPSETS to fiddle with, so when the move to PPC was done, all they had to do is implement a 68k PPC emulator in there, much in the way AmigaOS4 will do. However, with this simple thing, they managed to get a big level of backwards compatibility. The A1 has zero compatibility level with software that hits the custom chipsetry.
Well, I agree that the marketing is not brilliant, but as the O/S isn't finished and there's no software to run on it yet... what are they supposed to market? "
I wonder where are you getting your facts from? Korodny said there's already programs being made for the new OS/platform, and lots of them are right now working and could be demo'ed. The OS too.
Far from brilliant, I'd really have to agree with Fred and say pathetic. But this is no big news in the Amiga world. Seems like the new owners maintain the lack of marketing knowledge of good old Commodore! Way to go guys! You kept from the old era the thing that you needed to get rid off firstmost!
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