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Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
When people say console-wannabes, do you mean games that are not Sonic or Mario on the Amiga?
I mean games that imitated the general style of console platformers - you know, colorful graphics, multidirectional scrolling, non-linear level design, etc.

Originally Posted by StarEye View Post
'Cause I keep hearing about all those great platformers on the consoles, but where are they?
I posted a rather long list a few pages back covering Genesis platformers. On the SNES you have gems like Super Metroid, Super Castlevania, Umihara Kawase, ActRaiser, Donkey Kong Country, and many, many others. Why don't you get an SNES emulator, browse through the GameFAQs or Mobygames database, and look for some yourself? I did, and I also scoured LemonAmiga, Lemon64, World of Spectrum, and many other system-specific databases in search of good retro games to emulate.

As an emulation enthusiast who has played a multitude of platformers on myriad systems from every generation, I know firsthand that the SNES and Genesis have loads of excellent platformers and that the Amiga, while hosting quite a few classics of its own (Lionheart and Flashback especially), really doesn't have the advantage here - the consoles have a very noticeably higher standard of gameplay depth, level design, and general polish; you'd never get away with releasing something like Beavers or Magic Boy on the Genesis, and even that system's port of Shadow of the Beast II is ridiculed for its ghastly design by the Genesis fandom.

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